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From Get IT to G-ET-IT

GetIT (Global Empowerment Through Infocommunications Technology) was founded by me back in 1996 and has focused on dissemination of knowledge of the ICT industry via training and consulting. It expanded into GetIT Multimedia in 1998 (now to focus on e-learning and e-communications technologies. Since selling off the GetIT Multimedia in 2006 (or GetIT Comms), I have now re-focused more on developing GetIT as a consulting company (incorporated in California in 2000).

Having spent the last 20 years in the telecom/ICT industry, I realised that becoming involved and very interested in Green IT or Green ICT over the last few years is a natural transition (just went solar in my home too- so I am practicing what I preach). So I am now redefining GetIT from Global Empowerment Through Infocommunications Technology to G-ET-IT (Green Energy Technology and IT).

In fact I realise that as we focus on our efforts to migrate to NGN (Next Generation Networks) we have a great opportunity now to focus on NGGN (Next Generation Green Networks).   Energy shortages is only one reason why Green ICT is so important. Why should we be focusing on Green?Is it a feel good or Corporate Social Responsibility undertaking, or does it make sense today from a business fundamental sense.

When researching for a panel at ITU Asia Telecom’08 in Bangkok which I chaired entitled “Going Green: Feel Good or Good Business”, here are some data I found along the way: – It is estimated that carbon emissions from the ICT industry alone exceeds the carbon output of the entire aviation industry-That whilst ICT consumes anywhere between 2-6% of the worlds energy, it emits 2-3% of Green House Gases (doubling every 5 years or quicker if you take broadband into consideration)-It is becoming known today that it costs more to power and cool equipment in datacentres than it is to purchase the equipment (i.e. OPEX is greater than CAPEX)-Some experts feel that there will not be sufficient energy to power about 50% of the data centres around the world by 2009-Idle ICT equipment still requires about 90% of energy required to power active equipment (annual costs of electricity in the US from idle PCs is $1.7 billion)-e-waste is a real problem (only 11% of electronics are recycled)-mobile networks in India alone require 2 billion litres of diesel to power up diesel power backup generators-more energy and environmental hazards are caused by the manufacturer rather than the operation of ICT equipment  …and the list goes on.This sounds very depressing indeed and there is definitely a call for action globally. What is fortunate today is that it makes good business sense to Go Green (so our panel discussion concluded).

Meanwhile, international metric and coordination is needed though for us to have meaningful metrics to compare Green ICT successes. (I will discuss this in a later posting) Whilst ICT is a culprit, it still only emits 2-3% of GHG. What is more exciting is its potential to help reduce GHG in other industries. It also is useful to assist with climate change monitoring and avoiding lost of lives. Thomas Friedman in his latest book (Hot, Flat and Crowded), talks about the coming together of IT and ET (Energy Technology). Inspired by all this and the workI have been focusing on over the last year or two, my next posts will be focuses primarily on this. So

GetIT has gone Green IT! More to come later! Laina Greene check out my interview on TELECOMTV TV interview �

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