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Energy Islands, “News”?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

1472219769_ae8a795babIn a recent article in EnergyBiz Magazine, Salvatore Salamone pointed out a interesting “energy island” concept promoted by KEMA. The original 2007 proposal would “comprised of a ring of dikes surrounding a 50 meter deep reservoir,” pumping sea water into the reservoir during times of excess power, using that sea water generate power during intervals of low wind. While this not really “news,” it is an interesting concept which several groups have been looking into. As see in the slide show below, we have many groups and architects exploring the over all principle of using off shore “real estate” to have multi-function energy product. We see these ideas range from wind & solar (obvious) to OTEC & wave power. While old (proposed in 2007), KEMA’s proposal has an interesting, and unexplored angle. Combining the “large-scale electricity storage” with environmental conservation, fisheries, and aquaculture.  The additional “shoreline,” areas for wild life, potential for artificial “estuaries,” and a “sheltered” sea water lake which could house aquaculture would “add to” the incentive to building a prototype.

Artificial islands are not new. In fact, we know how to build industrial strength islands which can withstand the onslaught of the oceans and mother nature. We done this from factories i Alaska, to airports in Asia, to facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, to the residence off Dubai. The principle is sound, it is now a factor to see if the economics work.