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World Bank Clean Technology Fund (CTF)

The World Bank Clean Technology Fund (CTF) seeks to promote scaled-up financing for demonstration, deployment and transfer of low carbon programs and projects with a significant potential for long-term Green House Gas (GHGs) emissions savings. The CFT promotes the realization of environmental and social co-benefits thus demonstrating the potential of low-carbon technologies to contribute to sustainable development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDBs).

The Clean Technology Fund includes programs in:

Power Sector: Renewable energy and highly efficient technologies to reduce carbon intensity;

Transport Sector: Efficiency and modal shifts; and in

Energy Efficiency: Buildings, industry and agriculture.

To learn more about the CTF click on any of the following links:

Review, Overview, & Crtique provides a detailed outline, process, and links to how Clean Technology Fund operates.

Friends of the Earth have a couple of reports which outline their opposition to the World Bank’s CTF:

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