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Use 0910 discount code to get 15% off Green ICT Workshop@CommunicAsia June 18th 2010

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

As a followup to last years successful Green ICT workshop@CommunicAsia’09, GETIT is organizing a one day workshop entitled “Profitability and New Revenue Opportunities with Green” on 18th June@CommunicAsia’10. This years sessions aims to go into indepth case studies shared by key vendors and players in this space. The morning session will be opened by IDA sharing the Green ICT Initiatives in Singapore followed by a panel discussion on greening data centres. The afternoon session will explore the use of clean renewable energy in telecoms.

Speakers include Mohan Krishnan from HP, Bernie Trundel from HP, Russell Perry from Emerson Network Power, Kenneth Bodahl from Eltek Valere, Anil Trehan from Andrew Wireless, Lars Bondelind from Huawei and Academus Tian from ZTE.

To avail yourself of the 15% discount as a GETIT invitee, please put in the code 0910 when registering for the workshop.

Support Bright Green Energy @ any Stanford Coupa Cafe

Monday, May 24th, 2010


For once, guiltlessly drink caffeine for a day! Both Stanford Coupa Locations, ALL DAY! Simply order a Latte or Cappuccino this Wednesday! Globally 1.6 Billion people lack access to electricity and 2.4 billion people spend 6-9 hours gathering fuel such as wood for cooking.  Lack of modern forms of energy keep people from escaping poverty.

Bright Green Energy provides the technology, training, and initial funds to support local female entrepreneurs to start their own eco-ventures. These women then become solar technicians, solar accessory manufacturers, as well as sales and marketing agents into their customer base.

Heads up! Fundraiser on Univ. Ave location will be June 10th!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010
7:30am – 5:30pm
Both Campus locations: Y2E2; In front of Green Library

Sharing perspectives from TIA Green ICT Bootcamp

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Last week here in San Jose, California, the Telecommunication Industry Association based in Washington DC, organized the second in its series of Green ICT Bootcamp (first launched at Supercomm last year). Having been involved in and organized Green ICT sessions over the last 2 years myself, I was curious to see what the focus was about. I was indeed impressed with the work that has TIA has done to further the information flow around Green ICT and its clear focus.

Much of the Green ICT focus has been around compliance to environmental regulations regarding use of toxic chemicals in products, re-usability/recycling and on energy efficiency since many of its members are manufacturers. TIA has the EIA track online where subscribers can be kept informed of environmental legislation and policies that impact their bottom line. They also have an impressive lineup of lawyers who help give legal analysis and perspectives in these documents online. It was clearly pointed out that issues are different for companies that are just interested in compliance and for those who are on the cutting edge of leadership in the industry going over and above the minimum legal requirements.

It was here were things got interesting. The speaker from Juniper shared statistics that showed that customer demand for energy efficiency is strong in Asia and Europe (almost 70%) whereas in the US only 4.5% of customers demand for “green equipment”. I found this to be very startling as “green” has become synonymous with saving OPEX that it would be obvious. Perhaps it is the higher cost of electricity and use of diesel generators such as in Asia that make the business case for green more obvious leading to greater pressure being put on vendors for energy efficiency. In Europe, the European Union Directives have been clearly driving “green” as a vendor selection criteria. In the US, incentives are low and customers are also reluctant to pay for “green” innovation.One speaker suggested that when the rules of economy fail, then policy should play a greater role.  In the US, the new National Broadband Plan does now have a section on environment and energy efficiency- this could shift directions here in the US- worth keeping an eye out for these provisions. Now is the time to be engaged with federal and state regulators and keep informed.

Another interesting issue that brought some heated discussion was over standards. Since there are no clear uniform standards to compare energy efficiency of equipment, telecom companies are beginning to set up their own standards and scorecards which vendors have to comply with. Verizon for example, is experiencing about $2M in savings by insisting on their own scorecard metrics and have no incentive to wait for common industry standards. Whilst there have been some efforts to consolidate standards across industry, there seems to be dispute over choice of forum (ATIS, ITU versus other fora) and their speed in delivering common standards. To avoid inefficiencies, however, in the long run there is an urgency for some consolidation and cooperation. In the interim, what we will face is more “Greenwashing” and confusion over how to compare these various energy efficiency claims.

The session ended with some interesting perspectives over new business opportunities and some discussion helping to put “smart grid” into perspective. Overall it was an interesting day and the videos of the sessions will soon be posted online on the TIA website.

Green Power for Off-Grid Cellphone Towers

Monday, January 11th, 2010

A nice update by Jeff St. John.  It is always a wonder what would become of grand proclamations. GSM’s Green Power for Mobile and Mobile’s Green Manifesto express a business logic with green benefits. The open question is which company will take the first leap to efficiency which is green, reduces OPEX, and is an affordable CAPEX alternative.

See Jeff’s full article (here):