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OTEC News – Clean Energy, Water and Food

OTEC News provides information about the latest development around Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and related subjects, such as environmental impact, mariculture, ocean engineering, global climate change, energy policy, alternative energy and global fresh water supply. OTEC is a clean, infinitely renewable and economic way to produce energy, fresh water and food.

The intent is to report not only on OTEC development, but also on the context of the development of an OTEC power infrastructure. The distinctive feature of OTEC energy systems is that the end products include not only energy in the form of electricity, but several other synergistic products. This means that to successfully implement OTEC power in the next decade, one needs to understand the commercial, environmental and energy-political environment in which OTEC power plants will be built.

High awareness about OTEC among politicians, government administrators, media pundits and industry experts is a key goal to get OTEC power plants built. We believe that OTEC power generation has nowhere near the profile in the media that it needs to have and the OTECnews site is the first in a number of steps we are planning to take to help rectify that.

OTEC News is part of The GreenOcean Project, which is a non profit organization.

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