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Carlson Wireless

During the recent Pacific Telecommunications Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii from 17-21st Jan 2010, I met the CEO of Carlson Wireless Mr Jim Carlson. His company intrigued me as they have been committed to deploying low powered devices which can run on wind and solar for more than a decade.

CWT exhibited its newly developed, powerful and flexible SWiFT (Synchronous WiFi Technology) microwave radio platform, designed for high throughput of IP/TDM traffic at long distances to provide wireless broadband and telephony solutions for industry, utilities, government and public safety customers worldwide. The SWiFT platform features low power requirements making it the system of choice for solar and wind powered locations.Some of his equipment runs on as low as 2 watts of power. I will be checking up more about them and will report back shortly. Meanwhile, check out for more information.