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Corporate & Industry Whitepapers

Green ICT: The Way to Green Business by T-Systems (November 2008)

Green Archival Storage by Plasmon (August 2007)

Turning Challenges into Opportunities in the Data Center by Intel (June 2007)

The Green Data Center:  More than social responsibility: a foundation for growth, economic gain and operating stability by IBM (May 2007)

‘Green IT’ – The Next Burning Issue for Business by IBM (January 2007)

Implementing Energy Efficient Data Centers By Neil Rasmussen APC (August 2006)

Why Green ICT is Good for the Bottom Line by Logicalis (July 2006)

Power And Cooling Heat Up The Data Center by Richard Fichera @ Forrester Research (March 2006)

The “Green” Challenge: Complying with the Impending Environmental Regulations in the Hi-Tech Industry by Vijay N Krishna, Sandeep Kumar, Ravikant Karra @ Infosys (December 2004)

Organizational, Non-Profit, & Trade Organization Whitepapers

Smart 2020 : Enabling the Low Carbon Economy in the Information Age by GeSI
(September 2009)

Report on Environmental Sustainability by ATIS (March 2009)

High Tech: Low Carbon:  The role of technology in tackling climate change by Intellect (Feburary 2008)

An Inefficient Truth by the Global Action Plan (November 2007)

Analysis of the Potential for Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Computers and Monitors by Richard Collins Punchline Energy (September 2007)

Social and Environmental Responsibility in Metals Supply to the Electronic Industry prepared for the Electronic Industry
Citizenship Coalition
& Global e-Sustainability Initiative (June 2008)