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Osmotic Power – Tapping into Natrual Forces Around Us

Our sustainable future is not based on a few types of “energy producing” technologies. Sustainability will be achieved through the exploration how the world around us works, tapping into forces we overlook. Osmotic Power is one of those processes which happen all the time – all around us – and inside us. Statkraft in Norway helped everyone by pushing forward with a prototype plant. As noted in several of the “clean tech”  blogs (see Green Inc.: Osmotic Power Debuts in Norway), the first prototype plant is now opened in Norway. One of the key facts missed in the November 2009 “blog cycle” was the role this technology will play. Notice this fact:

The Statkraft prototype plant is built at the paper pulp manufacturer Sodra Cell Tofte’s plant at Hurum in Buskerud, Norway. The location will provide the osmotic plant with a good supply of fresh water and seawater, along with access to the established infrastructure.

The location, the video, and the test point to Osmotic Power being a interesting co-generation tool in a wide range of manufacturing plants. As per the siting of Statkraft’s prototype, manufacturing tends to be located at the juncture of fresh and salt water. It is logical that the “first market” for Osmotic Power is in existing facilities with an established plant operations.

Is this real? Apparently. Lyng Composite is building the membrane technology for the project. If you look around at other membrane oriented plants and technologies, you will see that the technology and facilities is well understood. This is just a matter of doing the initial prototype engineering and then working the scaling figures to see if it economical (i.e. at what point do you recoup your capital investment).

As a follow-on, check out this news report from DW. It has good footage of the prototype plant.

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